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New Jersey Leadership

Ranen Miao Headshot.jpg

Ranen Miao - Chair

Ranen Miao has been actively engaged with politics and public policy throughout his high school career, including working with his local Board of Education to push back start times at his high school, serving as a captain for his Speech and Debate team, and serving as his class’ Vice President. Now, Ranen wants to help enfranchise thousands of students across New Jersey so that their voices can be heard. When he’s not debating or talking politics, Ranen enjoys giving back to his community, working with his school’s Key Club, Red Cross, and Peer Leaders Programs to be a role model and doing community service.

Email: ranenmiao@gmail.com                                          


Ray Huang - Vice Chair

Ray Huang is a rising senior who attends the Wardlaw-Hartridge School in Edison, New Jersey. Since freshmen year, Ray has had a passion for implementing change and leadership. During the 2016-2017 school year he served as Class President and currently serves as Vice President for the Peer Tutoring Club. Ray is especially passionate about giving a political voice to young people, and hopes to encourage productive conversations about politics in schools in order to create a well-educated youth with exposure to many different viewpoints. In his free time Ray is a nationally ranked table tennis player and leads his own Saxophone Quartet.

Email: rayhuang1111@gmail.com


Madison Motroni - Vice Chair

Madison Motroni is a rising senior at Millburn High School in Millburn, New Jersey. Through her involvement with the debate team, Madison has developed a passion for government and politics. As vice chair of the Youth Progressive Policy Group, she aims to  increase civic engagement of New Jersey's youth. In her free time,  Madison captains the Millburn congressional debate team and likes to bike.

Email: madison.motroni@gmail.com 


Mason Krohn - Policy Director

Mason Krohn is a rising junior at Ridge High School. As a policy director, he believes that American youth deserve the right to have their voices heard in a political climate that often seems unresponsive. Because of his concern for improving advocacy, he is part of his school’s Forensics (Speech and Debate) team and frequently writes for the Ridge Political Review. In addition, he volunteers at the Morris County Office for Hispanic Affairs and was a delegate at the World Food Prize Global Youth Institute last year, a place where he witnessed the power of youth engagement.

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Anna Ma - Director of Public Relations and Media Advocacy 

From the time Anna learned the basics of how our government worked, she watched American politics with interest and faith in change. She studied Supreme Court cases and referendums with awe at the power of the people- the determination of those who seek to improve this country. As a queer Asian-American, the child of immigrants, and a strong supporter of all those who wish to take actions into their own hands, Anna holds strong support for lowering the voting age. She believes that we must stand and speak for the world we are to salvage and strive for, and advocating for legislation is an obligation for young Americans.

When Anna's not trying to study reform movements and keep up with AP classes, she competes in Speech and Debate and DECA. She love drawing and writing of all kinds, and is a huge fan of Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and the Phantom of the Opera.


Christian Martin - Director of Political Outreach

Christian Martin is a rising senior at Princeton High School, where he leads his school’s politics club (JSA), Model UN, the student tutoring service, as well as is the editor of the opinions section of the school newspaper. He never misses an opportunity to engage in anything political (debating teachers since the fifth grade) which is why he knows that 17 year olds are just as capable of being informed voters. He has always been outspoken, often debating those much older than himself, and knows that he will live with the consequences of policy decisions longer than those making the decisions. To de stress, he spends any free time he finds talking walks in nature (between procrastinating homework and eating Ben & Jerry’s out of the pint of course).

Email: Chreegmartin@gmail.com

Email: annama.am6@gmail.com