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 One Idea for Boosting Turnout: Let 17-Year-Olds Vote, October 2017

'New York State Assemblymember Bobby Carroll, whose district includes Park Slope, Brooklyn, has sponsored a bill called the Young Voter Act that would lower the voting age to 17. He drafted the bill with the aid of some local teens. Eli Frankel, a student at Bard High School on the Lower East Side, told WNYC that "at 18, you're moving out of the house, you're trying to figure out where you're going to college, where you're going to be living, whether you'll get a job, and voting kind of seems not so big in comparison."'

 May, 2017

May, 2017

Our very own founder and chair Eli Frankel contributed an op-ed to the New York Daily News on why a voting age of 17 is not just fair to young people across the state, but is also beneficial to New Yorkers of all ages. "So, by simply lowering the voting age one year, we can foster a whole new generation of active and engaged voters with healthy voting habits to last them a lifetime. On Tuesday, May 9, the Youth Progressive Policy Group will send a busload of New York high school students to the statehouse in Albany to lobby lawmakers to support the Young Voter Act. We hope that once again, the State of New York can be a pioneer in expanding civil rights."

Gotham Gazette, November 2017: As New York Votes, a Push to Allow 17-Year Olds the Ballot Next

Kings County Politics, November 2017: “'The Young Voter Act is about engaging a young populace, about fostering a civically engaged participating electorate,” said Cohen. “Through the legislation, we not only encourage young people to engage in local democracy but to encourage their family members, friends and other people around them to turn out.;"

Patch, November 2017: NYC Students: Let us Vote at 17

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, May 2017: Teens Lobby State Legislature to Lower Voting Age

METIZA, May 2017Check out this article written by our Social Media Director, Ilana Cohen. "Lowering the voting age by just one year could make all the difference for millions of teens around the state, and set a glowing example of how students can effect social change for the rest of the country."

KINGS COUNTY POLITICS, March 2017: "The teen’s bold solution was to lower the state’s voting age from 18 to 17. Register students to vote in their high school civics classes and empower a new generation of New Yorkers to register, vote and become leaders in their communities."

BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, March 2017: "'It all began with a simple question: what can high school students do between election years to really influence policy.'" -Eli Frankel (Chair)