YPPG in the News!

WNYC: (April 2019) “About a dozen New York City high school students visited Albany today to show their support for bills to combat climate change and lower the voting age.”

Grist: (September 2018) “Sylvana Widman is another high schooler hoping young people can push that legislation through the New York State Assembly this winter.”

We the Ppl: (September 2018) “The Teenagers Fighting the Climate Battle”

Ms. Magazine: (July 2018) "Whether working the phone bank for Hillary Clinton or debating criminal justice policy at the dinner table, Sylvana Widman can’t remember a time she didn’t follow politics. She also can’t remember voting—but that’s not her fault. She’s not old enough."

The New Yorker: (July 2018) "On Saturday, hundreds of teen-agers—loud, pensive, stubbornly determined—marched through Manhattan. [...] Franks got involved in the march thanks to their friend Sylvana Widman, who runs the Youth Progressive Policy Group. "

PBS Metrofocus: (May 2018) "There’s a new push from the The New York City’s Mayor Office and Youth Progressive Policy Group to get New York high school students registered to vote as part of the #DemocracyNYC initiative."

THINKPROGRESS: (May 2018) "Eli Frankel, one of the student organizers for Youth Progressive Policy Group, which is working to lower the voting age in New York, said his experience with campaign organizing taught him that “what young people needed most wasn’t just a place to volunteer, and a place to get involved on the electoral side of politics, but a place to be heard on policy.”

Lag Mag: (May 2018) (Op-Ed) "Last Monday, my English class was having a discussion about the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School when one girl spoke up and said, “I know we are marching and protesting but I feel like no one is listening to us.”

Kings County Politics: (April 2018) "Assemblymember Robert Carroll (D-Windsor Terrace, Park Slope, Kensington) welcomed 80 high school students for the second consecutive year to Albany to lobby for the Young Voter Act this week."

Brooklyn Daily Eagle: (April 2018) "It’s all about change and young voices wanting to be heard and represented in upcoming elections. Eighty high school students from all across the state gathered in Albany on Tuesday to lobby in support of the Young Voter Act, a bill that would lower the legal voting age to 17 for state and local elections."

WCNY: (April 2018) "Activists were in Albany yesterday to advocate for the Young Voter Act which would lower the voting age to 17 years old in state and local elections. We heard from the sponsor of the Assembly bill, Asm. Robert Carroll (D-Brooklyn) and youth activists Eli Frankel and Chris Stauffer of the Youth Progressive Policy Group on the effort to pass the bill this session."

Daily News: (March 2018) "Students in Brooklyn declared war Wednesday on lawmakers who have resisted meaningful gun control, and registered for their own weapons — the right to vote."

Aplus: (March 2018) "Chris Stauffer, a vice chair at the Youth Progressive Policy Group, helped to host the rally. Stauffer dedicates his spare time to advocating for social issues including voting rights and criminal justice reform."

Gotham Gazette(November 2017) "On the eve of Election Day 2017, a state Assembly member from Brooklyn held a press conference focused on voter engagement and turnout, but it wasn’t in support of his own candidacy -- he’s not up for reelection until next year -- or anyone else’s. Instead, Assemblymember Robert Carroll was talking about his push to allow 17-year-olds to vote."

Kings County Politics(November 2017)“More than a dozen high schoolers gathered in Lower Manhattan in front of the Board of Elections (BOE) alongside Assembly members Robert Carroll (D-Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Kensington) and Jo Anne Simon (D-Downtown Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill) yesterday to advocate for the passage of the Young Voter Act yesterday.

Patch(November 2017) "FINANCIAL DISTRICT, NY — New York City high schoolers would be able to vote for mayor tomorrow if a Brooklyn state assemblyman had his way. Assemblyman Robert Carroll wants to lower the voting age to 17 from 18 for state and local elections in an effort to get teens more engaged in politics."

WNYC: (October 2017) "Today is the deadline to register to vote in time for New York City's November general election. (If you're registering in New York for the first time, your form must be postmarked by today. If you're already registered but want to change your party affiliation in time for next June's primary, your change of enrollment must be received by the Board of Elections by today. You can handle the latter in person at a county BOE office)."

Brooklyn Paper(May 2017) "Teenage voteland? That’s what Assemblyman Robert Carroll (D–Park Slope) hopes to create with his proposal to lower the voting age for local and statewide elections in New York from 18 to 17."

Brooklyn Daily Eagle(May 2017) "More than 30 teenagers trekked from New York City up to Albany to lobby the state Legislature for passage of a bill that would lower the voting age from 18 to 17."

METIZA(May 2017) (Op-Ed) "The Youth Progressive Policy Group (YPPG) is a student-led coalition with a clear mission: to successfully pass the Young Voter Act, a bill dedicated to lowering the voting age in New York State to 17 years old. YPPG aims to increase political engagement among students, paving the way for more progressive policy change. Lowering the voting age by just one year could make all the difference for millions of teens around the state, and set a glowing example of how students can effect social change for the rest of the country."

Daily News: (May 2017) (Op-Ed) "Political and social activism is surging in America. Protest groups are springing up across the country. Concerned citizens are marching in the streets to support science, women's rights, justice and immigration. Congressional offices are flooded with calls from constituents. And much of the renewed political and social activity is being carried out by high school students — many of them committed and informed activists, yet still too young to vote."

KINGS COUNTY POLITICS(March 2017) "Youth must be served! That’s the idea behind a measure that Assemblymember Robert ‘Bobby” Carroll is floating that would lower the voting age down one year – from 18 to 17 – and dubbed the Young Voter Act (A6839)."

BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE(March 2017) "New York state’s voting age would be lowered from 18 to 17 under a bill sponsored by Assemblymember Robert Carroll, who credited three high school students with the bold idea."