We Stand with the Students of Parkland, FL

Now is the time for students around the country to mobilize in advocating for gun control legislation, holding our policymakers accountable for their relations to the gun lobby, and demanding a fair say for young people in our civic processes. The survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida are speaking out, and we must stand in solidarity with them. We want to call our members' attention to the following events...

Enough! National School Walkout  - Wednesday, March 14th

March For Our Lives - Saturday, March 24th

Day of Action Against Gun Violence in Schools - Friday, April 20th

Remember, it's up to us to maintain this momentum. As we fight to ensure safety in our schools, we must also fight to expand civic opportunity for ourselves and our peers so that we can continue realizing progressive policy goals. Let's bring this energy into YPPG's "Students take Albany 2018" Lobby Day to support the Young Voter Act. Register to join us for Lobby Day here