Action Items to Take Before Lobby Day

As a follow-up from our letter-writing party last Sunday and in preparation for Lobby Day on April 24th, we urge you all to take the following action items to support the Young Voter Act:

1. Sign up here to contact a legislator: Add your name to the spreadsheet under "YPPG Lobbyer" for a specific NYS legislator and follow the steps record your attempts to contact them at their district office via mail, email, and phone. 

2. Write about YPPG's efforts to support the Young Voter Act for your school newspaper. This is a great way to publicize our cause and mobilize future teen voters. You can find examples of writing about the bill here and here.

3. Encourage the school clubs or external organizations you're involved in to join us for Lobby Day on April 24th. We are still accepting organizational co-sponsors and are eager to have as many youth civic action groups represented in Albany as possible in support of the Young Voter Act. 

4. Share your support on social media. Invite your friends to our Facebook event for Lobby Day and tag us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Let's make Lobby Day an event our lawmakers can't miss!