June 13th Albany Action

Register here to participate in our JUNE 13TH lobbying day in Albany. We will be lobbying for the Young Voter Act (A.6839/S.5646), which lowers the voting age to 17, incorporates civics into the high school curriculum, and encourages students to register to vote in their high school classes. After a hugely successful lobby day on May 9th, we will return to Albany to push the Young Voter Act through the New York State Assembly. If you are interested in seeing young people gain a voice in New York State, make sure to register here for our trip to Albany. 

This trip will likely be smaller than the last, so we will not charter a bus. Instead, we will likely travel up with a few parents in their cars. 


In the meantime, you can take these actions to support the Young Voter Act:

Call your local assembly member or senator in support of the Young Voter Act! It is bill number A.6839 in the Assembly, S.5646 in the Senate, and A.6940 for the constitutional amendment.

To find your local assembly member or senator, click on the following link.


Governor Cuomo (1-518-474-8390)

Assembly Elections Committee Chair Micael Cusick (718 370-1384)

Speaker Heastie (718 654-6539)

Use the following Script:

 "Hi, my name is ________ and I am working with a group called the Youth Progressive Policy Group to expand voting rights in New York. I am calling in support of the Young Voter Act -- bill number A6839/S5646 -- because the high school students of New York deserve a voice in their state government.

I support the Young Voter Act because: (choose one)

  • 1 in 4 high school students pays income taxes, but has no say as to how those tax dollars are spent.

  • Lowering the voting age would improve civic engagement and voter turnout across the board; studies show that when more young people vote, more middle aged and older people vote.

  • Students who will be able to vote while still living at home are more informed and more likely to vote, because they know where their polling place is and are in a relatively more stable environment than they will be at college.

  • The assembly just passed legislation to allow 17 year old to vote in presidential primaries.  Why not extend this right to state and local elections?

 Thanks for your time. We look forward to working with you in the future. (End call)."

Check out the bill here: