A Successful Lobbying Day!

A group of 30 students from the Youth Progressive Policy Group traveled up to Albany this past Tuesday to lobby state assembly members for the Young Voter Act (A6839), a bill that would lower New York State's voting age to 17 and create requirements for mandatory civics lessons in high school classrooms.

Working mainly in pairs, we met with assembly members, discussing why we personally support the bill in order to convince the assembly members to cosponsor the Young Voter Act. Overall, we got 9 new cosponsors in the assembly, three senate cosponsors (one of whom is an IDC member), and a positive response from the vast majority of legislators with whom we met. It was a huge success! 

We would like to thank all the students who attended the Lobbying Day - because of you, the Young Voter Act is poised to pass the State Assembly.

Going forward, we are planning another lobbying day in early June. We will be having a meeting later this month to discuss our next steps. Stay tuned!