March Update

March has been a busy month for all of us at YPPG. We have officially introduced the 'Young Voter Act' to the state legislature, gained support from the act from local groups and bill cosponsors, and organized our first ever meeting of high school students from around the city. 

YPPG's first meeting last Thursday was a huge success. We strategized youth outreach, wrote letters to assemblymen, made flyers advertising YPPG, learned how to lobby, discussed state politics, and even spoke with State Assemblyman Bobby Carroll! Thank you to all who attended.

Moving forward, we want to continue building upon the energy of our group and expanding our membership to students across the city. Our next meeting will be on April 19th (details TBD) and we encourage all of you to attend.

In the meantime, consider taking the follow actions:


1. Let your friends know about YPPG and the upcoming meeting on April 19th.

2. Post about our work in YPPG on social media.

3. Stay updated with actions you can take on the "Our Initiatives" Page.

4. Research and familiarize yourself with the structure and function of the NY State Assembly and its legislative process.


Those of you interested in coming with us to lobby for the Young Voter Act (A6839) in Albany on May 9th should fill out the following form.