Fall YPPG Launch & Rally for the Youth Vote

We hope you've had a relaxing summer and start to the school year. That being said, it's time to get back to work! 

YPPG is up and running, and we have plenty of new initiatives for students to get involved in this coming year.

Join us for our first meeting next Friday, November 3rd at the Old Stone House (336 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11215) at 4:30 pm. 

We will be formulating action plans to support the Young Voter Act and lobby for progressive legislation on our newly adopted policy items of school integration and environmental justice. 

If you can't make the meeting, don't worry!

Join our Rally for the Youth Vote on Monday, November 6th from 4PM - 5PM in front of the New York City Board of Elections (42 Broadway, New York, NY 10004). 

We will be gathering in front of the BOE with the press and young politicians in support of the Young Voter Act. This is an opportunity to have your voice heard both by local government and the media! As always, tell your friends and spread the word. 

September Update: New Reading Material & Upcoming Event Info

As we begin a new school year with a wider range of issues to dedicate ourselves to, YPPG members should stay up-to-date on our three areas of focus for our 2017-18 advocacy agenda: voting rights (specifically, our progress on the Young Voter Act), school integration, and environmental justice in New York City.

Also, YPPG will be attending the Youth Action March on Saturday, October 7th from 12-3pm. For more information, check out the event on Facebook.

Enjoy the suggested reading below...

Voting Rights

“California and New York Push to Lower Voting Age” - Teen Vogue

http://www.teenvogue.com/story/california-and-new-york-push-to-lower-voting-age       *featuring Assemblymember Robert Carroll*

School Integration

“City Introduces Controversial Plan to Diversify Schools in District 1” - DNA Info


“Education by the Numbers” - The New York Times


Environmental Justice

“Neighbors Sue Williamsburg Trash Dump to Get it to Clean Up its Act” - DNA Info


“Mayor de Blasio: NYC Will Be First City to Mandate that Existing Buildings Dramatically Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions” - NYC.gov



Eighteenx18 Video Submission Finally Here

What is at risk in America and must change now? The sustainability of our democracy! Young people increasingly hold progressive values and powerful voices. As tax-paying, responsible, well-educated teens, we are entitled to a vote - to a say in where our tax dollars go, how our school systems are run, and which officials truly represent our values. We are not just the future, we are the present reality. That's why we need to lower the voting age across the country and pass the Young Voter Act, which lowers the voting age in New York State to 17. 



Summertime Success: New Policy Issues Adopted at the YPPG Planning Meeting

YPPG’s Summer Planning Meeting on Friday, July 28th brought together both new and old faces in the fitting setting of local school M.S.51. Attendees deliberated at length on what issues the YPPG should integrate into its advocacy mission, especially with the next legislative session soon approaching. The teens settled on the umbrella issues of environmental justice and educational opportunity, specifically considering the intersection of race and class in providing equal education to all NYS students. Members are encouraged to suggest actionable items the YPPG may take in the future in service of this policy agenda. YPPG also shot footage for a video about its mission, which will be published on the website later this month. 


Between now and our next meeting, there are a few action items members should take to keep up their support of the YPPG

  1. Follow the YPPG and give us a shout-on social media (fill your news feed with progressive posts from our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts).

  2. Sign and share our petition in support of the Young Voter Act. Get all the other humans you know to do so as well!

  3. Make a donation to our cause (contributions of all sizes appreciated).

  4. Spread the word about the YPPG mission to your family, friends, and fellow humans! Invite them to our next meeting.

Teens debated over what they thought were the most pressing issues to integrate into the YPPG policy agenda for the upcoming school year. 

Teens debated over what they thought were the most pressing issues to integrate into the YPPG policy agenda for the upcoming school year.