Started by Brooklyn students looking to make a difference in the New York State political landscape, YPPG is a grassroots organization aspiring to engage young people in a dialogue with both local and statewide policymakers.

YPPG’s mission is simple. We aim to give the youth of New York and New Jersey a voice in our state’s political process, and we intend to make our voice heard. Currently, the needs of young people are not addressed in  state legislatures acros the country simply because there are few organizations fighting for youth representation. By working with local assemblymen and state officials, YPPG plans to create real change in New York and New Jersey, beginning with voting reform. This reform is a critical step towards further youth representation in state government, and a crucial component of the progressive policy we hope to establish. 

In order to be successful, however, we need your support! Please join our emailing list to begin receiving updates on our latest activities, and to be notified of exciting opportunities for young people. Let’s get to work!